Why You Should Not Perform DIY AC Service

AC Installation in Colombus, OH

Your AC system probably doesn’t get turned off until sometime in the fall. All this hard work makes it more susceptible to breakdowns, which can occur when you least expect them. We understand that you don’t want to call for AC repair unless you have to. Perhaps you’re wondering if you should try to fix it yourself.

The simple answer to this question is that you should never attempt DIY repairs on your air conditioning system. Even if you might be the handy type, there are several dangers associated with DIY AC repair. Here are some problems you can face if you try to fix your air conditioner on your own.

System Damage

Your AC system is an intricate piece of equipment. It takes professional-grade tools and years of special training to tackle even the simplest repairs. Without the proper knowledge and experience, you could cause further damage to your system and end up with more problems than you had initially. Also, your cooling system might seem to work correctly after you tinker with it, but it could actually be damaged and working overtime.


Your safety is our main concern when it comes to DIY AC repair. Unless you’re a trained technician, you probably don’t have the expertise and diagnostic equipment to identify the problem and determine the best course of action. AC systems contain refrigerant that produces the cooling effect. You shouldn’t handle this substance because it’s toxic. If you botch a procedure on one of the system’s components, you might encounter electrical shocks or start a fire. Improperly performed work can also compromise your indoor air quality.

Wasted Money and Time

By attempting DIY AC repairs, you’ll probably waste a lot of money and time. You’ll have to buy the tools needed to fix your system. Then, if you make a mistake or inaccurately diagnose the problem, you’ll spend more time and money fixing the newly created issues. In the end, you’ll pay more than you would have if you’d simply trusted a skilled technician in the first place.

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