What Does Servicing a Furnace Include?

What Does Servicing a Furnace Include?

Servicing a furnace is crucial for maintaining its efficiency and extending its life span. Regular inspections can prevent unexpected breakdowns, especially during the cold months. An HVAC professional can check your furnace and make adjustments to keep it working great. Here is an overview of the different services typically included during a maintenance visit.

Blower and Fan Cleaning

Dirt and debris on the blower and fan can affect efficiency. Cleaning these parts during a service call will allow for proper airflow and prevent overheating, ensuring the furnace operates optimally.

Inspection for Wear and Tear

The technician will inspect belts and pulleys for signs of wear or damage. Replacing worn parts during servicing helps to avoid potential failures.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

Inspecting the heat exchanger for any signs of cracks or damage is essential to prevent carbon monoxide leakage. Any parts that can’t be repaired will be replaced.

Thermostat Calibration and Burner Adjustments

The thermostat controls the furnace’s operation, so proper calibration is vital. If it’s not reading temperatures accurately, the technician will calibrate the thermostat to maintain comfort and energy efficiency.

A maintenance visit also includes adjusting the furnace’s burners for proper ignition and flame. This process ensures the furnace burns fuel efficiently and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the home.

Carbon Monoxide Testing and Electrical System Evaluation

A technician will test for carbon monoxide. Regular CO testing during servicing can detect leaks early, protecting the household from potential health risks.

Checking the electrical components, including wiring and connections, is a key safety step. Any issues discovered will be addressed to prevent potential electrical hazards.

A furnace service includes cleaning, inspection, calibration, adjustments, and safety checks. Regular servicing not only maintains the efficiency and performance of the furnace but also ensures the safety of your home. At TechnoAir Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration, we provide HVAC services for customers in Grove City and the surrounding areas. We also offer professional indoor air quality and refrigeration services. Reach out to TechnoAir Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration today to learn more about using our HVAC services.

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