How to Quiet a Noisy HVAC System

June 15, 2022

Updated September 2023 As a homeowner, an excessively loud HVAC system can disturb daily life in your house. Thankfully, there are ways to dampen the noise of your HVAC unit without expensive repairs. Here are three ways to soundproof your HVAC unit in and around your home for better peace of mind. Address the Noise at the Source The first option to reduce the noise emanating from your HVAC unit is to identify what is causing it. This can be done by a professional during an inspection. They will be able to assess the cause and provide a solution. Most times it’s just a component that has come loose during usage, which is an easy fix. Other times, it might be something more serious. Both situations are worth having a technician come out. Line Your Ducts Lining your air ducts with soundproofing material is another effective way to reduce the transmission of noise throughout your home. This process requires professional help, but it is a worthwhile solution that can last for many years. A technician can enter your ducts to install material similar to insulation to deaden the noise emanating from your HVAC unit. The heating and cooling experts with...

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