Should You Purchase a Window Unit or an HVAC System?

Selecting a new cooling system for your Grove City, OH household is a major decision. Obviously, it’s always nice to save some money, but it’s equally important that you have an AC unit that can meet your home’s needs. There are a handful of different air conditioner types you can choose, but the most common options are HVAC systems and window units. Each kind has its benefits, but which is the right fit for you?

Different Capabilities

Before selecting a cooling system, you must consider that HVAC systems can control the climate of your whole house whereas window units cannot. Window AC units are only designed to cool down one room or section of the house. So, if you have a good-sized household or a large family, it may take as many as three or four separate window units to keep everyone comfortable.

Different Purchase Prices

HVAC systems, on average, are much more expensive than window AC units. The exact price will always depend on the size, efficiency, and model of the unit you’re purchasing, but the price will typically be somewhere in the range of $2,000 to $10,000, with most falling in the $3,000-$7,000 area. Usually, you could purchase at least three window units for the price of one HVAC system as window units are very rarely more than $1,000. Plus, with window units, you can set them up yourself and avoid the installation fee.

Different Levels of Efficiency

To keep your monthly electricity bills in check during the hot summer, you need your AC unit to be operating efficiently. In nearly every case, you’ll be spending quite a bit less per month with a window unit than with an HVAC system. However, if you purchase a high-efficiency HVAC unit or a heat pump, the difference in energy usage will be much smaller.

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