How Often Does a Furnace’s Condensate Line Need Cleaning?

What Does Servicing a Furnace Include?

Most people think that only air conditioners produce moisture and need to drain water, but some furnaces also need a clean condensate line to function correctly. When homeowners discover water in the furnace or on the floor, it’s almost always caused by a blocked condensate line. It is common for high-efficiency furnaces to produce moisture, or if you have a humidifier as part of your HVAC system, it could also be the culprit. Read below to find out why condensate lines get clogged and what to do about it.

Why Your Condensate Line Gets Clogged

Three common reasons your furnace drain line gets clogged are debris, slime growth, or a blockage at the outlet. Debris in your drain line from your furnace can build up inside your condensate line and cause a clog. If you hire a HVAC technician to service your heating system, they will clean your furnace to prevent debris from getting into your drain line in the future and also clean out your line as part of the tune-up.

The slime in your drain lines consists of a colony of bacteria and algae. The colony consumes dust and dirt in water, excreting a slimy substance in your furnace and its drainage system that can cause blockages. If you have your furnace regularly serviced, the technician will place chemical treatment tablets in your system to prevent slime growth and drainage problems.

The final common reason your condensate line may become blocked is an obstruction at the outlet. Leaves, mud, or even small rodents can get stuck in the drain line, making it impossible for moisture to exit where it is supposed to. The simplest way to prevent this blockage is to add cleaning out the condensate line outlet as part of your yard work routine.

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Having your furnace serviced annually by a qualified HVAC professional can prevent heating system drainage problems. At TechnoAir Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration in Grove City, OH, we strive to exceed your expectations with every service. In addition to providing furnace maintenance, we install new heating and cooling systems and ductless mini-splits. We can also help you improve the air quality in your home.

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