Are Space Heaters Energy Efficient? 

The long Grove City winter can seem relentless at times. When you come in from working in the cold, or you just can’t seem to get your house warm enough, you may want to utilize a space heater to provide some extra warmth. Before you turn the dial on your space heater, though, it’s important to understand if doing so will come with an efficiency penalty on your utility bill. To understand how to use a space heater efficiently, make sure to read this guide from TechnoAir.

Great for Small Spaces

Although you can use a space heater just about anywhere, it is especially efficient when you need to heat a small space. For example, if you have a small home office that you need to keep warm and you don’t want to run the heat for the rest of your house, a space heater can make a great choice. If you can place your space heater underneath a desk to capture even more of the heat, you’ll experience faster heating and lower energy usage.

Avoid Extended Operation

One important tip that TechnoAir wants you to remember is to avoid any extended operation of your space heater. If you can’t get warm after a few minutes of sitting in front of a space heater, it’s usually better just to turn the up temperature on your thermostat a few degrees. Even though your central HVAC system sends air to parts of your home that aren’t in use, it’s better than running your relatively inefficient space heater for prolonged periods.

HVAC Issues

If you find that you need to use a space heater on a regular basis, you may need to think about having your main HVAC system inspected by TechnoAir. You could have a problem with your furnace that’s causing it to heat your home inadequately to the point that you’re often cold. You may also need to upgrade the insulation in your home so that heat remains in your home for longer.

Keeping You Warm on the Coldest Days

At TechnoAir, we take pride in keeping our customers comfortable in extreme weather conditions. That’s why we offer repair, installation, and maintenance services for air conditioners and furnaces. We can also perform refrigeration work, install indoor air quality systems, and much more. With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, you can count on us whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable in your home. To learn more about using space heaters efficiently, contact us at TechnoAir today.

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