4 Reasons Your AC Is Running Without Cooling

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If everything is working properly, your AC should easily be able to keep your home cool on even the hottest days. However, there are times when you may notice that your AC is running but no cold air is coming out of the vents. If warm air is blowing out the vents, it often means that some issue has caused the evaporator coil to freeze up. If no air is coming from the vent, the problem is likely related to the ductwork or the HVAC blower that circulates air through the system. With this in mind, here are some of the possible reasons your AC is running but not cooling and how to fix them.

1. Dirty Air Filter

Replacing the air filter is often the solution to fix an AC that stops cooling. If the filter is too dirty, the blower won’t be able to bring sufficient warm air into the system. It also will struggle to circulate cool air throughout the home. A clogged air filter is the most common reason that the system will freeze up and start blowing warm air.

2. Dirty Evaporator Coil

If the evaporator coil is coated in dust and debris, it can quickly start to freeze up when the AC runs. What happens is that the layer of dust insulates the coil and prevents the warm air flowing through the system from contacting the coil. This leads to the refrigerant not absorbing much heat and remaining cold enough that condensation on the coil begins to freeze. The solution to this problem is to have an AC technician clean the coil. You can also easily avoid this problem with annual AC maintenance.

3. Ductwork or Blower Issues

If very little air is blowing out of most of your vents, it could be that there is an issue with your ductwork or the HVAC blower. Damaged or leaking ductwork can allow lots of air to escape and drastically reduce how much cool air comes out of your vents. If the blower has any issues, it may not be able to properly circulate air throughout the home.

4. Dirty Condenser Coil or Debris Clogging the AC Unit

Debris clogging the outside unit or a dirty condenser coil in the unit can also greatly reduce the effectiveness of your AC. In this case, the issue is that the system can’t properly release the heat it absorbed from inside. This can cause the refrigerant to always remain too warm, which means it won’t be able to absorb much heat, and the system won’t cool effectively or at all.

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