Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

February 16, 2021

The indoor air quality in your home is crucial because it helps maintain a healthy environment for you and the other people in your home. Poor indoor air quality may also affect the pets in your home. If you only feel ill or notice that your allergies are worse when inside your home, you could have poor indoor air quality. Coughing and Respiratory Issues If you have a cough caused by your indoor air quality, it is usually because of a higher concentration of airborne particles in your home. Coughing is how your body tries to get rid of inhaled particles because they are irritating you physically. You may even notice that you have respiratory infections caused by excess contaminants in the air. Having good air quality is very important if you have young children, pets, or people with asthma in your home. They may be more vulnerable to air quality problems and become sick more often. Dizziness or Fatigue While in Your Home If you feel dizzy or overly tired while in your home, you may have chemicals or other types of gas air contaminants in the air. These symptoms could be from carbon monoxide, fumes, or other pollutants....

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