Is it Possible to Combine Heating and Cooling Systems?

March 17, 2020

A complex HVAC system can be difficult to understand. To make things easier for both maintenance and repairs, you may wonder if there is a simpler solution for heating and cooling your home. While there isn’t one simple piece of equipment that does everything you need, there are some systems that come quite close to that goal. To help you simplify your Grove City home’s HVAC system, here are some options for combining your heating and cooling equipment. The Mini-Split Heat Pump The simplest way to heat and cool your home is by using a mini-split heat pump. These units remove the need for a separate blower and for complex ductwork. That’s why they are often called “ductless” systems. A mini-split system installed by TechnoAir Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration consists of only two components: the compressor/condenser, which is mounted on the exterior of your home, and the air handler, which is mounted on a wall inside your home. These two components work together to produce both cool and warm air and then distribute that air around the room in which the air handler is mounted. Mini-split systems are energy-efficient. In addition to simplifying HVAC repair and maintenance, they can save...

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