Is There Any Difference Between HVAC Work and Refrigeration?

August 10, 2023

Considering that your refrigerator cools things down and uses a compressor just like an air conditioner would, you might be tempted to think that both refrigeration and HVAC work require the same skill set. The fields certainly are related, and advances in refrigeration technology usually make AC units much more efficient. Some organizations have leveraged these parallel qualities to offer services to users of both types of technology. Similarities Between HVAC and Refrigeration Work If you’ve ever taken a look at a commercial or industrial building in the Greater Grove City area, then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen relatively larger compressor boxes on the side of it. Some of these are tied directly into a larger refrigeration system and resemble AC units because the basic principles that control each are the same. Conventional residential refrigerators use air compressors to deposit waste heat and drop temperatures as well, which is why the engineering teams who design all of this equipment tend to share personnel. Technicians who work on one class of equipment can generally train to work with several different types if they’re given a sufficient amount of time to do so. Where the Similarities With Refrigeration End From...

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