Why Is My Heating System’s Filter Black?

November 15, 2019

Don’t think of unfortunate surprises as being all that bad. If you check your heating system’s filter and notice that it is black instead of gray, you can feel some relief that you discovered a potential problem now as opposed to later. Depending on how serious the cause of the black filter, you may need to call in a maintenance pro. Why is the filter black? There can be several reasons. Carbon Monoxide Exposure Without a doubt, the presence of carbon monoxide in the home is cause for alarm. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and can cause adverse health reactions. The source of the CM might be a leak in the furnace’s lines, or it could come from somewhere else. Since CM has no odor, you won’t even know its there. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t have one. Soot Travels in the Air Does your home have a fireplace? If so, then soot could travel from the fireplace to the inside of the furnace. A problem may emerge when the fireplace has troubles with its vents. Amazingly, a raging fireplace isn’t necessary for this issue to emerge. Even burning candles can cause significant soot buildup...

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