What to Know About Hybrid Heat Systems

February 16, 2023

Heat pumps provide a wonderful way to heat and cool your home in an energy-efficient manner. They are especially useful in temperate environments. If you wish to take advantage of the benefits of a hybrid system in a location with colder winters like Grove City, OH, then consider upgrading your heat pump to a hybrid heat system. How Heat Pumps and Furnaces Work Together Hybrid heat systems are designed to take advantage of the energy efficiency of a heat pump. These systems use compression to pull heat from ambient outdoor air and move it indoors. Colder outdoor temperatures make this more difficult to do. Because of this, hybrid systems add a furnace component that will help to warm your home quickly and keep it at a comfortable temperature. Once this temperature is reached, the system will continue to use the heat pump as the main way to maintain room temperature, unless it is too cold for the system to do so efficiently. Because heat pumps can be used as both air conditioners and heaters, there is no need for supplemental air conditioning with a hybrid heat system. Hybrid heat systems are controlled through a single thermostat. You can use a...

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