5 Tips for Saving Energy This Fall

October 20, 2020

In the fall and winter months, demand for electricity and gas increases. Municipal energy providers routinely charge more for utilities during this time of year. By using these tips, you can reduce your household’s energy expenditures. Detect and Patch Leaks Doors and windows are notorious for leaks. Tail a lighter or candle around edges of windows and doors to detect leaks. Patch them up with caulk or weatherstrips. Don’t Neglect the Power of Sunlight Without the Sun, life on Earth probably wouldn’t exist. Despite its necessity, people often neglect the power of sunlight. Although you should avoid opening your windows during winter, leave your blinds open from dawn until dusk. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, your home will absorb and trap radiant heat from sunlight. Invest in Heating System Maintenance Most American homes, especially those in the Buckeye State, have central heating systems. Many of these HVAC systems double as air conditioners during warmer months. Despite how much use they get, countless Ohioans neglect to maintain their heating systems. Here at TechnoAir Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration in Grove City, we can conduct a full diagnostic test to detect potential issues, address them before they grow and clean your heating system....

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