How Do I Check My Home for Air Leaks?

July 11, 2019

Many homeowners don’t realize just how problematic air leaks can be on a residential property. Air leaks, unfortunately, can lead to energy loss and spending more to run the HVAC system throughout the year. Air leaks are a common issue that develops over time as cracks or holes form. Each day, air leaks can cause cool or warm air to exit or enter the building. Here are a few common ways that you can check for air leaks in your home. 1. Use a Flashlight One of the most effective ways to discover where cracks or holes may be present is to shine a flashlight onto the exterior walls of the building at night. Two people will be needed to perform this test; one individual will check to see where the light is shining through into the building. Place tape on any area where the light is visible to know where you’ll need to perform the repairs during the day. 2. Check the Insulation Many older homes have insulation that isn’t up to standard, which can cause leaks to be present. Work with a professional HVAC technician to determine the right R-values for the attic and basement in your house....

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