Summertime Indoor Air Quality Concerns

There are a number of indoor air quality issues that crop up during the summer months. Your home may have higher humidity, more allergens and generally poor air quality. Here are some things you should know about summertime indoor air quality.

Impact on Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can cause allergies to flare up. People experience eye and throat irritation and coughing. People who have asthma or other breathing conditions can end up in a dangerous situation. Particles in the air that cause negative reactions include pet dander, pollen, dust mites, dust and mold spores.

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Increased Allergies

Many types of plants and flowers bloom in the summer months. Your air conditioning system is likely working hard while it’s hot out. This means it is pulling in a lot of outdoor air with allergens in it. The allergens get blown throughout your home as a result.

Pet dander is also a big concern during the summer months. Dogs and cats shed more when it gets warm. They leave dander all over the place, which decreases your home’s air quality. Bathing and brushing pets often can help to reduce pet dander.

Higher Humidity Levels

Humidity levels in your home increase during the summer months. This can cause health issues like breathing problems, sinus congestion, sneezing and sleeping issues. Rooms that tend to have excess moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, should be well-ventilated. This can be accomplished by opening windows or by having a whole-home dehumidifier installed.

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