The Importance of Duct Sealing

It’s a common curiosity to wonder if it’s worth sealing your home’s ductwork. The truth, though, is that duct sealing is actually very important for several reasons. Here are the main issues homeowners may face by not having their ductwork professionally sealed.

Uncomfortable Conditions

When ductwork is not sealed properly, it allows air leakage to occur and a subsequent loss of the home’s heated or cooled air. You can have the best heating and air system with the most powerful fan, but if the ductwork is leaking, there will be plenty of waste. The result is areas of the home that aren’t able to be fully heated or cooled to your desired temperature.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When your home’s ductwork is not sealed, the leaking air that escapes it then blows into the walls, floors, ceilings, and other dirty areas. Then, much of the otherwise hidden and settled particulate matter is sent into areas of your home and recirculated through your heating and air system. Pests can also infiltrate unsealed ductwork, taking up residence within and subsequently adding lots of unhealthy contaminants that are blown into the air from your HVAC system.

Critical Safety Risks

Along with poor air quality, an unsealed duct system can also introduce some very hazardous pollutants into your breathing air from the heating system itself. This is because many of the ducts used in heating systems have designated routes for the escape of carbon monoxide fumes from the home. If these ducts are leaking, the results can even be fatal.

Loss of Efficiency

As touched on above, a leaking duct system means that the machinery used to push air through your ducts is working hard but to little effect. You can compare this to trying to blow air through a straw that has many holes in it. The system may be able to work through these tough conditions, but it will ultimately use much more energy to do the job. This increases your heating or cooling bill.

Frivolous System Wear and Tear

With the loss of efficiency and the addition of unnecessary hard work comes greatly increased system wear and tear. Heating and air systems are designed to work as closed and sealed systems. When they aren’t sealed, and lots of extra work is required for them to do the job, many system parts will wear out much faster.

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