How can I save money on energy bills in the winter?

For many homeowners, winter leads to increased heating bills, but how high do they have to go? That answer depends on what steps someone takes to improve efficiency.

Try Moderate Temperature Settings

Picking a better thermostat setting could drop expenses. When the furnace sits at a high setting for extended periods, expect the bills to match the usage appropriately. Try a lower setting; even a slight reduction could lead to lower bills.

Investing in a smart thermostat might be, well, a smart move. Smart thermostats allow for automatic pre-settings or programmable ones. Smart thermostats also work with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. By better scheduling temperatures at particular times, the furnace won’t run at the top temperature when no one is home or when a lower setting proves wiser.

Care for the Furnace

Properly servicing the furnace could also save money. If the filter is old or another part is worn out, replacements might improve efficiency. Maybe the entire system needs a good cleaning, leading to a better running heater. Better efficiency could reduce costs, so a yearly tune-up could actually save you money. TechnoAir offers heating repair and maintenance for people living in the Grove City, Ohio, region.

Address Drafts

Checking the windows and doors for drafts may cut down on waste. Sometimes, relatively easy DIY steps to seal things could solve the problem. Purchasing reinforced windows would cost a lot, but they have energy-saving benefits.

Issues with drafts may come from poor insulation. Attic insulation could last a long time, but upgrading at the right time may be an appropriate move.

Techno Air handles heating, cooling, and indoor air quality work. We’re a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the Grove City Chamber of Commerce. If you need assistance with furnace replacement, maintenance, or installation, AC service or repair, or even refrigeration issues, call our office today.

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