Battle for Modern Heat: Heat Pumps or Furnaces?

March 30, 2018

Has your old furnace finally reached the end of its days? If so, you may be deciding between replacing it with another furnace or with a heat pump. Although a heat pump is not a new creation, it has recently seen its popularity increase as an alternative to traditional furnaces in some homes. What is a heat pump? A heat pump does not generate heat in the traditional way a furnace does. A furnace heats your home by using energy: burning oil or natural gas, or using electricity. Heat pumps don’t burn fuel, they use electricity and refrigerant to transfer outdoor air to the inside (and the air is heated in the process). A heat pump is often described as a reverse air conditioner. And actually, despite its name, a heat pump can be used as an air conditioner in the summer. Heat pumps are more efficient than most furnaces. This can be especially important when deciding whether to purchase a furnace or heat pump if you don’t have gas lines running to your home. Some people decide a heat pump is best for them because they heat using electricity and a heat pump puts more of the generated heat...

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